The top five cloud security providers

Today, there’s an increased number of companies which are going to move in the cloud space. In addition, it implies that cloud protection suppliers need to develop their service quality in any way the time. Based on A study conducted by Gartner last year, the main priority that comes through one’s head when he believes about benefiting from cloud computing is security. Security itself is maintaining workloads safely and information as well. Additionally, it means having an approach to the security of cloud vendors.

Obviously, cloud sellers are still trying their best to meet their clients, they’re creating themselves a position in the marketplace because of the best security solutions for information, applications in addition to many others.

Here are the top five cloud security vendors which are running the marketplace at the moment.

1.  AVG.

This organization’s ceo is Gary Kovacs. The organization is situated at San Francisco. Over the last two decades, AVG enhanced its solution for business management so as to incorporate backup plans in addition to solutions for disaster recovery, and additionally combination with Office 365 and VMware. At the past, AVG was well known for its consumer anti virus brands. Now the company has been focusing on the smaller space of business, especially mobile and cloud applications as well as services.

2. Avanan.

Gil Friedrich is the Chief executive officer of Avanan, a company located in New York.Avanan was created with the aim of providing complete cloud security, which unites big name providers that consumers believe into one platform based on cloud. Customers are now able to get easily platforms such as anti virus, enhanced risk protection, file encryption and data leakage prevention as well.

3. Blue Coat systems.

This business is headquartered in Sunnyvale, Calif and operated by Greg Clark. The goal of Blue Coat Systems would be to redefine what the next age of cloud security will be, leaping large steps to the marketplace with an entire suite of cloud security solutions to customers. And we’re actually looking forward to what the company will provide in upcoming future.

4. Centrify.

Centrify is another competitor in the play. It’s headquartered in Santa Clara, Calif and Tom Kemp is the Chief Executive Officer of the company. Centrify knows that increasingly more organizations are moving to the cloud space in order that they offer those organizations distinct procedures and solutions to help ensure and manage the approach of this technology. Those methods could be listed as identity and access management, privilege management, mobility management and several others as well.In addition, Centrify has also cooperated with some other providers so as to acquire application security level.

5. Cipher Cloud.

This San Jose- based company’s Chief executive officer is Pravin Kothari. Cipher Cloud has obtained a great deal of large investments from big name companies as Andreessen Horowitz and it enhances many aspects like visibility, conservation and controlling the cloud. What’s more, its platform comes along with encryption, action handling, data retrieval, malware realization and several others in order to save their clients from any accident.

source: cryptonews365

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