Five Prominent Sports Centers in North America That Tourists Love to Visit

Choosing a place to travel requires a lot of planning which includes figuring out the biggest tourist attractions. With sports being a critical part of the American culture, there are some monumental sports stadiums that host all kind of games.

Whether you are a sports fan or not these stadiums ensure that travelers get a memorable experience during their visit to America. Here are some of the best sports stadiums in North America that you should include on your must-see list:

New Yankee Stadium

One of the most important soccer and baseball stadiums in North America, the New Yankee Stadium is the home to New York Yankees of the MLB and will be hosting the home games of the New York City FC of the MLS. From a tourist point of view, the best feature to view is the “Great Hall,” that depicts the Yankee star players and huge LED screens. You can also take a tour of its New York Yankee Museum that is located at Gate 6 and displays the major moments of New York Yankees, as well as, the Yankee memorabilia. If you are visiting New York, do not miss out on experiencing this structure.

AT&T Park

If you are a serious sports fan, then San Francisco’s AT&T Park will be on your must-see list while visiting North America. It is home to the San Francisco Giants of the MLB. With great food, atmosphere, and view, this stadium provides a complete taste of the city.

Monmouth Park

If you want to be a part of an environment that is stomach churning, then you can take a tour to New Jersey’s Monmouth race track. This horse-racing track is not a typical stadium yet you are guaranteed to have a breathtaking experience. From golf courses to Jockey Clubs, this place offers a home to other sports and is undoubtedly a great sightseeing option.

Fenway Park

Needless of any formal introduction, the home of the Boston Red Sox is definitely a must-see when visiting Boston, Massachusetts. Feel the true local vibe of the place and see the continuous upgrades this stadium has gone through. In fact, Fenway Park is the oldest stadium in the MLB, unlike other stadiums that have been newly built. If you enjoy historical destinations, then Fenway Park should definitely be on your list. Apart from the glitz and glam of the city, the Fenway Park Stadium highlights its iconic “Green Monster,” which is one of the few manually operated scoreboards in all sorts of sports today.

MetLife Stadium

The city of New York itself is a tourist hotspot. In case you want to take a break from traveling the busy parts of the city, check out the elegant MetLife Stadium. The home to both New York Jets and New York Giants in the NFL, the MetLife stadium is known for its LED and interior lighting activities. You can see twenty big LED Pylons at the East and North entrances that play videos of the team that is playing.

Concluding Thoughts

One of the best ways to experience a country or a city is by taking a tour of its local sports stadiums. From racetracks to stadiums for baseball and soccer, the aforementioned places carry the major sports tournaments in the U.S.


Author Bio – Barrack Diego is a sports traveler. He has attended many soccer derbies and horse racing tournaments in the United States. He has been writing blogs describing his experiences for the last four years.

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