17 Year Old Girl Is Always Mistaken As Jennifer Lawrence By The Strangers

Alexia Maier, 17, says she is approached by strangers who mistake her for the star. People have asked her for autographs refusing to believe she isn’t the real deal.

Alexia, from Ponte Vedra, Florida thought people were joking until she began receiving dozens of comments when out and about.

“I think one of my favourite examples is when a woman said ‘Jennifer, I’m your biggest fan!”

“I told her, ‘I’m not Jennifer!’ but the woman immediately said, ‘are you sure?’ I’ll never forget her reaction.”

Alexia (left) vs Jennifer Lawrence (right)

Alexia herself is a model. And she got a lot of attention in the first couple years of high school because of her similarities to Jennifer Lawrence.

Despite her uncanny resemblance to J-Law, Alexia isn’t a fan of the actress. She added: ‘I know this is not the answer people are expecting from me, but I am not a fan. “Even so, I can acknowledge that Jennifer has definitely impacted my life in strange ways.”

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