7 Indications That You Suffer From Mental Fatigue

7 Indications That You Suffer From Mental FatiguePhoto Credit: Division of Research

Are you feeling constantly tired? It might be more than just your body. An individual’s mental health can become fatigued as well. Do you ever feel like you simply can’t go on?

People usually suffer from mental fatigue when they’re mentally drained. The mind needs some rest too, not only the body. This drain isn’t conducive to good health, so read on to find seven symptoms of mental fatigue.

1) You are easily tired in conversations.

Do you wish that your coworker could just shut their mouth? Do you often feel annoyed when people try to start a conversation with you? That might be because your mind is trying to tell you something. If your brain just cannot handle one more conversation, it might be an indication that you need to slow down. Your brain has possibly become overloaded. Take some time to be all by yourself in quiet. You probably need this quiet time to process what others are saying.

2) There’s so much going on, and you’ve got no room to think.

Kids are playing. The television is switched on. Your mobile is ringing. The microwave timer just went off. All this is usually too much for the mind to think about at once. Your brain wasn’t designed to handle too many things at once. Start by switching off as many devices as you can. Also, try doing one thing at once, and you may find some serenity.

3) You forget things easily.

You were supposed to go to a dinner last night, but you forgot. You totally blew off your friend’s party. You don’t even remember what you came to the store for. All these are certain signs you have too much going on in there. You could get a day planner to write things down. Our brains have more room to be present when we write things down. You might even find you don’t forget things as easily.

4) You are physically fatigued for no particular reason.

Even if you got plenty of sleep, you still feel totally drained. You almost feel like you can’t move your muscles. That most probably is another proof that our brain is in overload mode. Our physical health is connected to what’s going on mentally. When you slow your mind down, then your body has space to work properly. If you are experiencing unreasonable physical symptoms of fatigue, the mind might be the culprit. Try being mindful of this very moment. Use your smell, hearing, focus on your breathing. Being mindful readily allows your body to be more efficient.

5) You can’t even think.

You’re at the office, and your brain just ceases to work. Your mind has ceased to connect properly. It feels like a computer that just browned out. What that points to is that mental blocks are the norm for you. You have crossed the realm of “mentally fatigued.” Give your mind time to recoup. You might need to make time for a mental health day. Don’t hesitate to take a day off!

6) You are an emotional roller-coaster.

Everything is a blur. You don’t know whether you want to cry or laugh hysterically. Your mood can change within an hour. Your friends are worrying what’s been up with you. These all are symptoms that your emotional balance is in trouble. Exercise, meditation, and therapy are all you need now. They’ll help you balance those emotions.

7) You rarely have down time.

If you cannot remember the last time you went on vacation, then that’s probably a reason that explains your mental fatigue. According to science, to manage mental fatigue, you should avoid all these things that lead to it. Yes, it’s so simple. One strategy involves limiting how much thinking you have to do. Try to delegate some tasks to people you trust or postpone non-urgent decisions. And, if possible, consider going on vacation.

Source: thinkinghumanity

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