First Time Travel: Top 7 Mistakes You Need to Avoid While Making A Travel To A New City

If this is your first travel to a new city then all others even you may be excited obviously. You are about to begin with your first overseas trip and it’s an amazing feeling. In the same time it is a bit daunting as well especially when you think what will you find outside the borders, what will the world throw you at, How will you cope up, and how much of amount you are planning to spend in the entire trip. And as it’s your first trip it is inevitable that you will make mistakes the first time you travel, just as the same as you make mistakes in any other facet of life. Given below are some of the common mistakes that the rookie adventures generally turn out to commit.

Do not get ambitious at the beginning or ending of the trip: One of the most important lesson that most of us have learned during the entire trip is, to reel in the ambitions on the first and last nights of our trips. During these times you will require the things to go really very well and are at your most vulnerable when just arriving at a specific destination, and more stressed when you are trying to get on a plane or train on time. During these needs take things easy by staying close by near the airport or railway station, taking time when you might otherwise save money taking public transit.

Using the travel agents for each and everything: While this is something that is really easy for you to book the entire trip through the internet, we do understand the wish of having safety net of a travel agent. But this does not mean that you have to use them for each and everything. Have your flights booked and even accommodation through the package. It’s just that you will save some money if you begin to look after everything else by yourself.

Relying totally on the guide books: Guidebooks are generally made to inform you about the travels and not to define them. Have the guidebook put down by interacting with the other travellers and people at that specific destination. Give yourself an opportunity to explore and use your own initiatives, and there are a lot many places you could explore than what is just given in the guidebook.

Not factoring the different time zones when booking your trip: Corroborate the different places that have different times zones, Places A and B how long it will take to get there, and how many time zones you will be crossing. Factor this in your reservations scheduling, considering the possible effects of the jet lags during the first days or better yet learn how you can prevent the jet lag.

Choosing the wrong travel partner: This can lead to a huge differences when you are planning for a trip of a lifetime. It will be like spending three months in a living hell and something filled with snoring, bitchiness, spending more on accommodation rather than the tiny budget built for. Travel buddies may generally start out to be your best friends, but at times they can turn out to be your worst nightmare overnight. They do know how to take an advantage of you, lie to you, and steal from you and the last but not the least even desert you. However these individuals can even hold your hand, loan your money, keep a watch at your things while you go to the bathroom, hold your place in the queue and last but not the least have your back no matter what. Choose your travel buddy with great care.

Packing too much of stuff: While travelling you seriously think you need half of what you think you really need. We have come across people who have travelled for four months through middle east and Africa with just two shirts, a skirt or pair of long pants. So just remember that everything you take care will either have to go on your back getting dragged behind you. And no matter how little you take you will still end up resenting the hell about it every time you walk across the bus station.

Having unrealistic expectations: While travelling there are many things that go unplanned. So if there is something that goes unplanned then it’s high time you go with the flow. Have expectations but do not have so much that your trip does not turn out to be perfect. So it’s always better and good that you don’t open an image of expectation, and arrive with an open and fresh mind that will help you accept things the way they are.

To conclude:

If you fall to be the victim of any of these mistakes then don’t get disappointed. Continue to enjoy your wanderings and use them as your learning experiences. So what other mistakes do you think the first time travellers generally make. Do leave your comments below. We love hearing it from you.

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